Oak Grove School District

Why I Am Running

I believe in educating the whole child. It is my fundamental belief that we should support our children’s physical and mental health, build their social-emotional skills, and educate our students with quality curriculum and teachers in our schools.


The reality is, however, that our schools aren’t reaching all of our learners and we face a significant equity issue.


 I am running because I want to reach every student. As a special education teacher, I understand that not all learners are going to learn the same. I want to innovate our instruction and diversify our curriculum so that we connect with all of our students with a relationship-centered approach. I want to invest in mental health and physical health resources to combat the many reasons students are absent and not able to fully participate in class. I want to transform our behavioral intervention model so that it is not focused on punitive reactions, but in restorative justice and reflection. 


And I, of course, stand by all staff members, classified and certificated, so that they have a quality place of work and give their best to our students, who deserve the best. I would be honored to stand in community with all of you as a trustee and it would be a privilege to support our Oak Grove students from the beginning of their education to their graduation from East Side Union High School District. 

How I Will Serve You


Keep our schools safe during the COVID-19 pandemic


Prioritize mental and physical health supports to tackle absenteeism, reform our behavioral system, and support the whole child


 Innovate our literacy programs to reach all learners


Diversify quality electives, courses, and staff members


Ensure teachers and staff have access to tools, time, and support they deserve